This is a portrait photo showing the face and shoulders of artist Katy V. Meehan. She is wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt, glasses, and a black headband over show auburn hair.


I'm Katy V Meehan.

I aim to capture the essence of my subjects with the cagey medium of ink on paper. It can be a tricky medium to wrangle. But, I’ve fallen in love with the process of trying.

There's something entrancing about directing the flow of ink as it settles on textured paper. It allows me to capture intricate details and maintain a hint of wild spontaneity.

The crusty character of vintage signs and the vibrant beauty of botanicals have both always resonated with me. It’s impossible to pick a favorite subject, so I haven't. I think it's the small details of each that make every piece spring to life. 

Making new work is an ongoing labor of love. And, it's humbling to see my work resonate with others. 

While I keep the originals as part of my private collection, I offer limited edition prints in hopes of bringing a bit of light to those who appreciate my particular POV.

I'm grateful for every opportunity to share and to continue growing as an artist with support from people like you. 

Please give me a follow @katyvmeehan to see ongoing work-in-progress imagery, process videos, and more.